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Scrap Book

This is the beginning of the Thompson Judo Club scrap book. Ideally, I want to have this to show what the club is about and what judo is to the public. Although this is a small page now, I hope to start getting alot more pictures over the next couple of months, showing the home club and the club on tournaments.

The club meets in the Thompson Rec Center in the Racquetteball court area tuesday and thursday's, 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

I'm working at it. Taking pictures is expensive. Things will change. I promise.

Table Of Content

Table of Content

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Tournament ScheduleJudo History
Nage-waza (Throws)Shime-waza (Chokes)
Kansetsu-waza (Armlocks)
Osae-waza (Holds)
Scrap Book

Time for the Pictures

James doing a leftside breakfall over a kneeing horse

James doing a rightsided breakfall over a standing horse
Harber Sensei demostrating Harai Goshi on Chad
Laine Sensei demostrating O-goshi to juniors Ben and Max (not shown)

These are only a few pictures, more will be up around the middle of next week.

If you know of any way to reduce the download time please email me and I'll see what I can do with it.

If you have any questions about this or any other page or question about the judo club itself please email at: [email protected]

This page was created on 11/08/96 by Wesley "Ouija" Hokkinen (Ni-kyu) and will tried to be updated regularlly