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Judo Armlocks

This is only a list of the judo armlocks, I will try to get a complete breakdown of the locks soon.

Armlocks are used when an opponent is straight arming or waving it in a hold down. More preferable than a hold down as it can win a match, if done right, in 4-7 seconds.

Armlocks are needed to receive the san-kyu (green Belt) and ni-kyu (blue belt) and can only be use by judokan's over the age of 13.

Armlocks are only review in the brown and Black levels.

I will be working on getting pictures of each one. It will have to wait till I get a better job and back to a club down in Winnipeg or I talk to the instructors up north in Thompson. Either way, I will create the prefect page.

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Nage-waza (Throws)Shime-waza (Chokes)
Kansetsu-waza (Armlocks)
Osae-waza (Holds)
Scrap Book

San-kyu (Green Belt) Armlocks

Ude-garamiCoil Armlock
Juji-gatameCross Armlock
Ude-gatameStraight Armlock
Hiza-gatameKnee Armlock
Waki-gatameArmpit Armlock

Ni-Kyu (Blue Belt) Armlocks

Hara-garameStomach Armlock
Ashi-gatameLeg Armlock

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