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Judo Shime-Waza (Choke)

This is a list of the Chokes in Judo, in the future, I am hoping to have a breakdown of the chokes but for now a list is the best I can do.

The Choke is one of the fastest way to win a match; if place well enough, the opponent should tap out in about 3-5 seconds.

Like all the other pages; I intend to add pictures. I'm not too sure as to how to do this one because it may be a little difficult to show them properly. I'll figure something out.

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Judo Chokes

To note: Chokes are a requirement in receiving Yon-kyu (orange belt) and no more are learned though the rest of the belts but are required to have the practical knowledge of it and their variations
Japanese English
Hadaka-jimeNaked Lock
Kata-juji-jimeHalf Cross Lock
Nami-juji-jimeNormal Cross Lock
Gyaku-juji-jimeReverse Cross Lock
Kata-ha-jimeSingle Wing Lock
Okuri-eri-jimeSiding Collar Lock
Sankaku-jimeTriangular Choke

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