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Judo Hold downs

The Ground hold is use when an opponent is on the ground and on his back and held for 30 seconds to win the match.

I soon hope to get a complete breakdown of each hold down.

The hold downs are learned at the white and yellow belt level and no more are required to be learned for any other belt but there are more variations.

Once again, the pictures I have intentions on doing.

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Go-kyu (Yellow Belt) Hold Downs

Japanese English
Kesa-gatameScarf Hold
Kuzure-kesa-gatameBroken Scarf Hold

Yon-Kyu (Orange Belt) Hold Downs

Japanese English
Tate-shiho-gatameGrapevine Hold
Kata-gatameShoulder Hold
Kami-shiho-gatameTop Four Corner Hold
Yoko-shiho-gatameSide Locking Four Corner Hold
Ushiro-kesa-gatameRear Scarf Hold
Makura-kesa-gatamePillow Scarf Hold

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