Mining in Manitoba

Comparison of U/G Methods


Deposit Conditions

Engineering Considerations

Geological Considerations

U/G Mining Costs

Selection Chart

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Room and Pillar

Stope and Pillar



Mining Cost 30% 30% 50% 40%
Production Large Large Moderate Large
Productivity High High Low High
Investment High Moderate Low Moderate
Development Rapid Rapid Rapid Moderate
Depth Limited Limited Limited Moderate
Selectivity Low High Moderate Low
Recovery Moderate Moderate High Moderate
Dilution Moderate Low Low Moderate
Flexibility Moderate High Moderate Low
Stability Moderate High High High
Subsidence Moderate Low Low Low
Health/Safety Good Good Good Good
Other Good Ventilation Fair Ventilation Labour Intensive Good Ventilation




Cut & Fill


Square Set

Mining Costs 80% 70% 100%  
Production Moderate Small Small  
Productivity Moderate Low Low  
Investment Moderate Low Low  
Development Moderate Rapid Slow  
Depth Moderate Limited Unlimited  
Selectivity High High High  
Recovery High High Highest  
Dilution Low Low Lowest  
Flexibility Moderate High High  
Stability High Moderate High  
Subsidence Low Moderate Low  
Health/Safety Moderate Moderate Poor  
Other Requires Backfill Labour Intensive Timber cost  





Sublevel Caving

Block Caving

Mining Cost 20% 50% 20%  
Production Large Large Large  
Productivity High Moderate High  
Investment High Moderate High  
Development Moderate Moderate Slow  
Depth Moderate Moderate Moderate  
Selectivity Low Low Low  
Recovery High High High  
Dilution Low Low High  
Flexibility Low Low Low  
Stability High High Moderate  
Subsidence High High High  
Health/Safety Good Good Good  
Other Expensive moves Expensive moves Draw control critical  

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