Mining in Manitoba

Deposit Conditions favourable to U/G Methods


Selection Chart

Enginneering Considerations

Geological Considerations

U/G Mining Costs

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Room and Pillar

Stope and Pillar



Ore Strength Weak / Mod Mod / Strong Strong Mod / Strong
Rock Strength Mod / Strong Mod / Strong Strong Fairly Strong
Deposit Shape Tabular Tabular/Lenticular Tabular/Lenticular Tabular/Lenticular
Deposit Dip Low / Flat Low / Mod Fairly Steep Fairly Steep
Deposit Size Large / Thin Any Thin / Mod Thick / Mod
Ore Grade Moderate Low / Mod Fairly High Mod
Ore Uniformity Uniform Variable Uniform Uniform
Depth Shallow/Mod Shallow/ Mod Shallow / Mod Mod




Cut & Fill


Square Set

Ore Strength Mod / Strong Strong Weak  
Rock Strength Weak Mod Weak  
Deposit Shape Tab/Irregular Tab/Irregular Any  
Deposit Dip Fairly Steep Mod/ Steep Any  
Deposit Size Thin / Mod Thin/Mod Usually small  
Ore Grade Fairly High Fairly High High  
Ore Uniformity Variable Variable Variable  
Depth Mod / Deep Mod/Deep Deep  





Sublevel Caving

Block Caving

Ore Strength Any Mod/Strong Weak/Mod  
Rock Strength Weak/Mod Weak Weak/Mod  
Deposit Shape Tabular Tabular/Massive Massive/Thick  
Deposit Dip Low / Flat Fairly Steep Fairly Steep  
Deposit Size Thin/ Wide Large Thick Very Thick  
Ore Grade Mod Mod Low  
Ore Uniformity Uniform Mod Uniform  
Depth Mod / Deep Mod Mod  

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