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In mining, a method of extraction is employed which will yield the largest net return. The method employed must be safe and must also permit optimum extraction under the particular geological conditions encountered. The best method of stoping depends on the geological characteristics that determine the area of back or walls that will be self-supporting during the removal of ore, the nature and size of supports required, and the support required for permanent openings to prevent subsidence.

The physical characteristics which dictate the choice of a stoping method might also be grouped as follows:

  • strength of ore and wall rocks,
  • shape, horizontal area, volume of ore body
  • thickness, dip, and pitch of the deposit
  • continuity of the ore
  • depth below surface and nature of overburden
  • position of ore body to drainage/openings

The history of the development of underground openings in mining and other types of underground excavations serves as a guide in the appraisal of rock structure stability.

Although mine openings which are left with natural pillars are often classed as belonging to support stoping methods, the geology and general character of rock masses in which room and pillar methods of mining are adaptable are the types which may be most stable. The complexity of geologic structure usually increases the complexity of the mining method used.

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