Virtual Reality Models and Animations of the Pathfinder Mission

VRML models allow you to view the Mars Pathfinder lander and rover as never before. These models were taken from actual Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) models built at JPL and transfered to a usable format for the rest of the world.

And, coming soon, VRML landscapes using actual Mars images!

You will need a VRML-capable browser (or plug-in). Please go to Silicon Graphic's excellent primer on VRML for details on browsers and VRML in general.

A virtual reality panorama. You are the camera!

View the lander from every angle. Go ahead!

(For higher-end machines, a view with the lander and rover together.)

What does the rover look like from the rear?

(For higher-end machines, a complex view of the rover.)

Look at the lander and rover on a real estimate of the Mars Pathfinder landing site!

The models were developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in cooperation with Silicon Graphics, Inc. and Dramatis


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