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Journey to the 4th Rock from the Sun

These are the current stories on EXN:

July 14:Pathfinder Rover continues its mission
July 11:NASA unveils landing reconstructions, amidst fanfare
July 11:Scientists create 3-D image of Martian surface.
July 10:Canadians keep arm in America's space program
July 9 : Scientists release Monster Pan of Mars
July 8 : First soil sample examined by scientists
July 8 : Pathfinder finds evidence of ancient flood
July 7 : Scientists yet to analyze imaging data
July 7 : Images from Mars
July 6 : Sojourner takes a Sunday drive
July 5 : Sojourner hampered by "Galactic Ghoul"
July 4 : Mars Pathfinder to go into contingency Plan
July 4 : Latest colour images from Mars
July 4 : Pathfinder is doing better than expected

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