Images from Mars

By EXN Staff

 Here are some of the latest pictures taken by the camera onboard Pathfinder. The $6 million imager is perched atop a 5 foot mast and motorized gears allow the camera to swivel, tilt, and rotate a complete 360 degrees. Each digital image takes about 10 seconds to be transmitted back to Earth.

 Sojourner, the rover, coming off the ramp.(above)

View of the Carl Sagan Memorial Station (formerly Mars Pathfinder) and the tracks made by Sojourner's wheels. (right)

Click here for 28.8 video. For a panoramic view of the landing site, click on the image at the left (28.8 connection). .

 Two hills dubbed "Twin Peaks". (right)

 A rock dubbed "Couch". (left)

 At right a view of rover driving off the ramp (best resolution available at this time). More colour pictures will be coming this week.

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