Education Resources Part A

Adult Education Network
AEDNET goes online.
Alternative Approaches to Learning Discussion
Learning strategies at all levels.
American Literature
Discuss lit with academics.
Art Criticism
Great for art history students.
Blagojevic, Bonnie
Bonnie is a well-known specialist in the Department of Education.
Get the buzz on medieval literature.
Children's Voice List
Children's writing.
Type: Subscribe Childrens-voice
Classical Music
Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, etc.
Denton, Cynthia
Talk to this business professor who teaches via e-mail.
Education Net
From K12 to college interests.
Hartley, Jim
Famous economist and spelling expert. Supercalifragelisticexpealidocious??????
Latin American & Caribbean Distance and Continuing Education
Great resource here.
Type: Sub Creed
Rivist, Ron
Trouble with your math homework? E-mail this famous mathematician/cryptographer.
Teaching Effectiveness
Teaching interests.
United Nations
Poly science majors, go here.
Type: SUB UN
Longtime access provider for colleges and universities. All kinds of goodies here.
Education & Academia List
Internet expert John December created a list of education stuff.
Education Newsgroups
You can FTP to archived newsgroup posts about education and learning.
Education Online Services
A super-amazing list of sites and services relating to education.
Mucho info on scholarships, minority colleges, and course programs.
JPL's Space Science File for Teachers
Archive of curriculum, experiments, and science facts.
Legal Stuff
A standard-use contract form so parents, students and schools can use the net.
Mathematics archive
If you get into this sort of thing, go here. Lots of mathematical tidbits.
National Public Telecommunications Network
Books, organization updates, software, more.
Virtual Classroom
"Killer graphical presentation" to convince schools to get on the Internet.
Wiretap has everything, including a guide to international constitutions. Wow.
Wiretap Does It Again
Geography, chemistry, literature, etc. A student and teacher dream site.
American Educational Research Association
What you see is what you get. Very academic.
An American Imperative
Higher Expectations for Higher Education. Where is the future going?
Apple Education Gopher Server
Learn about products and current technology for educators.
Art Education Curriculum
A good source of new projects for elementary art instruction.
BBN list of Educational BBS's
From K12 to college, find a BBS that covers your interest.
Berkeley Teaching Tips
A step-by-step guide to teaching, lectures ideas, references, concepts.
C-SPAN Online
Recent press releases, reports, articles, historic documents, transcripts, etc.
California Department of Education
Statistics, education codes, district information, and news.
Publications and general info about Cause, an information management organization.
Center for Educational Media on Japan
Anyone interested in Japan might like this.
Children's Literature
Get your kids reading early, with a whole mess of children's books.
Colorado State K12
Network through the K12 system in Colorado. Lots of yummies here.
Deaf Alert
Technology, resources, college programs, and entertainment for deaf students.
Deaf Education Gopher
Kent State outlines its Deaf Education degree program.
Ed Media 1995
Get the lowdown from the world conference on multimedia and resources.
Empire School House
Libraries, software, K12, and university info for the state of New York.
ERIC Gopher
Social studies lesson plans, and much more. Yummy place for teachers to visit.
Grant and Funding Information
Students, need money for school or research? Go here.
Health and Safety Curriculum
Instruction model for teaching elementary school kids about health.
IBM Kiosk for Education
News and updates on educators' software, publications, and references.
International Research and Exchanges Board
Get online with this comprehensive research tool.
Internet for Minnesota Schools
Libraries, politics, phone books for K12 schools in MN.
Internet Resources for Education
Yet another index of educational resources and services.
Internet Teachers
Use the Internet and various forms of telecommunications in the classroom.
Internet to Funders
If you are looking for funding to get your school online, go here!
Kidlink Lesson Plans
Lots of information and ideas for projects, plus lesson plans for teachers.
NASA K12 Internet Initiative
Brief lists of sites and collections that are useful to educators.
NCTE Gopher
All kinds of stuff here, from job openings and books to public domain software.
Ohio Dept. of Education
Read "Goals 2000." It's a scary look at the future of education.
Information for physics students at University of California, Berkeley. There is a fee!
SchoolNet Services
Outline of SchoolNet's educational resources and other services.
Sci Link
This gopher treasure serves the needs of science, math, and technology educators.
Texas A&M
Comprehensive list of gopher links to several universities, publications, and documents.
UIUC College of Education
Search through a huge database of learning/teaching resources.
University of Maryland
Faculty and admin info, records and registration, program info, etc.
US Education, Dept of
You can also read about "Goals 2000" at this site. READ IT NOW!!!!
Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
Vision, mission, goals, plans, news. Very comprehensive.
World Link
Information and ideas about how others are using the Internet in the classroom.
Writing Help for Students
Document to help students at many levels become better writers.
Young Students Writing Tutorial
A site that helps young students learn writing skills.
Explore the learning issues and services available for the disabled.
Many people are learning via the Internet with online classes. You can, too.
Do you really get an "A" for the semester if your roommate dies? DUH!
A forum for high school students to exchange ideas about whatever they want.
Wire into the future. Explore teaching and learning at Usenet University.
All sorts of information about education in the computer science community.
Freedom and privacy issues concerning the Internet and education.
A chatty newsgroup for kids in grades K5. Lots of penpals and friends.
Group for older kids in grades 6 to 8. "If cyberteen likes me, check the box."
High school students hang out here, posting about whatever comes to mind.
If students get all these places to talk, so should teachers. Lots of info.
This is a great place to get ideas about art curriculum for K12 education.
Practice your German or English language skills with native speakers.
Practice your Spanish or English language skills with native speakers.
Practice your French or English language skills with native speakers.
Discuss children, their behaviors, and activities with parents, teachers, and even kids!
Calls for papers and info on conferences. Great for researchers.
Learn the sociology of college students, activities, campus life, and tons more.
This newsgroup has the same stuff as above, only for graduate students.
This is a swell site if you are considering a post-graduate education.
Association for Experimental Education
A nonprofit org. that explores experimental ideas.
Astro Web
Journey with the space shuttle, impressive graphics, and super science stuff.
Bug Hunt
Laboratory exercise that teaches the basic concepts of microevolution. (Software)
Education Policy Analysis Archive
An academic journal that focuses on policy issues.
Natural science, math, and a fun game of EduLette (a random learning experience).
Fractal Microscope
An online program to let kids explore the beauty and science of fractals.
Frog Dissection
Look at an actual frog dissection. Virtual biology, I love it! Ribbit.
Geometry Forum
Games and links relating to geometry. This site is updated regularly.
Global Show and Tell
Lets children show off their favorite projects in a virtual exhibition.
Goals 2000
Standardized tests that measure honesty and ethics? Read this, it's important!
Grant Information
A huge list of grants available, with details on how to get started.
Inter-cultural Email Connections
Networking students with other students around the world.
Interactive Geometry
Learn how to make shapes and how they work together. It's fun!
Kids Page
Absolutely AMAZING. It's bright and fun and informative and, oh gads, this is coool!
Mediterranean Archeology
Papers, museums, projects, atlases, everything about archeology.
MIT Educational Outreach
MIT students visit elementary schools, helping kids with science.
Music Teachers Resources
Vocal, instrumental, and general music info for music educators.
Nasa Education Resources
Cool design, lots of info, and a comprehensive list of resources.
New Zealand
Learn about New Zealand -- its history, government, and national anthem.
Space Colony Design Contest
A call for 6th-12th graders to explore their imaginations.
Teacher Talk
Published by Indiana University, it's a newsletter-type for secondary ed. teachers.
U.S. Geological Survey
Maps, research results, publications, issues, education, and facts. Egads!
Vince Ruggiano's Educational Resource List
Links to all sorts of cool stuff for educators.
World Flags
Teach kids a little about the flags of the world, or learn yourself. Lots here.
World Map Server
Point and click and discover the world's geography. A little confusing at first.