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Corian® Blanks

Corian® Blanks
The same marble-patterned material as used for kitchen countertops is available as an attractive pen or pencil.

Corian is colorfast, smooth, non-porous, stain resistant, and is cleaned with soap and water.

Dymondwood® Laminated Wood Pens

Dymondwood® Laminated Wood Pen Blanks
These blanks are made from multi-colored hardwood veneers that are impregnated with dyes and phenolic resins, laminated and compressed.

They are then cut on the diagonal to give a slant-grain effect. With the rosewood and cocobolo colors, the results are hard to differentiate from the actual wood species.

The multi-colored applejack (red and charcoal) and olympic (natural, red and blue) yield colorful and unique patterns.

Exotic Wood Blanks

Exotic Wood Blanks for Pen Turning

A - Canary Wood

B - Chechen Wood

C - Goncalo Alves Wood

D - Padauk Wood

E - Purpleheart Wood

F - Redheart Wood

G - Yellowheart Wood

H - Mahogany Wood

J - Rosewood



 Actual colors may vary depending on your monitor.