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The 40 Throws of Judo

This is only a list of throws for the moment but I hope to get a breakdown of the all the throws in the near future.

The throw is the major technique in Judo. The throw is almost always followed into a hold down.

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Nage-waza (Throws)Shime-waza (Chokes)
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Osae-waza (Holds)
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Go-kyu (Yellow Belt) Throws

Japanese English
Deashi-haraiFoot Sweep
Sasea-Tsurikomi-ashiPropping Drawing Ankle Throw
Hiza-gurumaKnee wheel
Uki-goshiFloating Hip Throw
Osoto-gariMajor Outer Reaping
O-goshiHip Throw
Ouchi-gariMajor Inner Reaping
Seoi-nageShoulder Throw

Yon-Kyu (Orange Belt) Throws

Japanese English
Kosoto-gariMinor Outer Reaping
Kouchi-gariMinor Inner Reaping
Koshi-gurumaHip Wheel
Tsurikomi-goshiLift Pull Hip Throw
Okuri-ashi-haraiSweeping Ankle Throw
Harai-goshiHip Sweep
Uchi-mataInner Thigh

San-Kyu (Green Belt) Throws

Japanese English
Kosoto-gakeMinor Outer Hook
Tsuri-goshiLifting Hip Throw
Yoko-otoshiSide Drop
Ashi-gurumaLeg Wheel
Hane-goshiSpring Hip
Haria-tsurikomi-goshiLift Pull Hip Throw
Tomoe-nageStomach Throw
Kata-gurumaShoulder Wheel

Ni-Kyu (Blue Belt) Throws

Japanese English
Sumi-gaeshiCorner Throw
Tani-otoshiValley Drop
Hane-makikomiOuter Winding Spring Hip
Sukui-nageScooping Throw
Utsuri-goshiChanging Hip
O-gurumaMajor Wheel
Soto-makikomiOuter Winding Throw
Uki-otoshiFloating Drop

Ik-Kyu (Brown Belt) Throws

Japanese English
Osoto-gurumaMajor Outer Wheel
Uki WazaFloating Wheel
Yoko-wakareSide Separation
Yoko-gurumaSide Wheel
Ushiro-goshiRear Hip Throw
Ura-nageRear Throw
Sumi-otoshiCorner Throw
Yoko-gakeSide Body Drop

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