Boys and Girls Clubs, with families and other adults, offer children and youth opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and values they seek to become fulfilled individuals.

The Core Values we ascribe to in our dealings with children, youth, family and community define our reason for being and are the standard against which all Boys and Girls Clubs' services will be measured.

We Care About Youth

Boys and Girls Clubs' services are available to all young people.  Young people naturally seek excitement, friendship, and support.  Happily, the chance to offer encouragement, direction, and counselling comes as a result of gaining their trust.

We Acknowledge a Sense of Self-Worth is Fundamental to Individual Dignity

We hold that an individual's sense of self-worth is fundamental and Boys and Girls Clubs support this basic value.

We Understand Children and Youth Need to be Heard

We believe that every young person has the right to be listened to .. to be heard and responded to, as someone who really matters and as someone whose ideas could make a difference.

We Believe a Sense of Belonging is Essential to Healthy Growth

We acknowledge the need of all young people to be accepted and liked, and to become competent, both among their peers and in the eyes of adults.  We are sensitive to the isolation of the individual who is different in any way, and we endeavour to create in our services an atmosphere which fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance.

We Foster Cultural Understanding and Acceptance

Boys and Girls Clubs encourage and foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.  Our programs are accessible to all youth and reflect

the ever-changing needs of youth and families in our communities.

We Assist Youth to Attain Their Potential

We believe that all children and youth have the right to maximize their potential by experiencing challenges and responsibilities typical of healthy family and community life.  We know young people attain their highest levels of personal growth and development when they are empowered to achieve a balance between "giving to" and "receiving from" their community.  Boys and Girls Clubs encourage community service, self-help and self-sufficiency by presenting challenges and fostering responsibility and authority in children and youth.

We Value Learning as a Life-Long Goal

We recognize that learning plays a significant role in the development of children and youth.  We support, foster and encourage life-long learning.

We Understand and Respond to Youth's Sense of Adventure

We understand the natural desire young people have to be challenged by risk and adventure, to seek recognition and blaze new trails; to climb rugged mountain slopes just to stand a few moments on the highest peak; to perform in a play; or to rocket to the moon.

We Acknowledge the Importance of the Family

We recognize that family, a young person's social network, holds potential to be the most influential context in which children and youth learn.  Our encouragement and

support of the caring role in this process is imperative.

We Acknowledge the Importance of Appropriate Role Models

Role models play an important part in young people's lives.  Boys and Girls Clubs search out and support those who model honesty, enthusiasm, fair play, respect, tolerance and forgiveness.

We are Committed to Voluntarism

Boys and Girls Clubs value volunteers.  Our management and service structures reflect this commitment.  The involvement and support of volunteers is essential to the maintenance of socially and economically responsible programs.

We Value and Practice Cooperative Approaches

Boys and Girls Clubs will co-operate with families, other service organizations and governments to most effectively address the needs of children and youth.

We Seek Neighbourhood and Community Solutions

Boys and Girls Clubs believe that neighbourhood and community-based approaches that reach out to children and youth and families hold the greatest potential for fulfilling our agency mission.

We Acknowledge our Role as Advocates for Children and Families

Boys and Girls Clubs advocate positions and actions which further the common good of children, families and community.

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