Illustrated Mining Terms


Valuation - The act or process of valuing or of estimating the value or worth; appraisal.  
Vein - a well-defined tabular mineralized zone, which may or may not contain ore bodies.
Velocity - Rate of airflow in lineal feet per minute.  
Ventilation - The provision of a directed flow of fresh and return air along all underground roadways, traveling roads, workings, and service parts. ryc4b.jpg (5209 bytes)
Violation - The breaking of any state or federal mining law.  
Virgin - Unworked; untouched; often said of areas where there has been no mining.  
Void - A general term for pore space or other reopenings in rock. In addition to pore space, the term includes vesicles, solution cavities, or any openings either primary or secondary.


Volatile matter - The gaseous part, mostly hydrocarbons, of coal.  

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