Illustrated Mining Terms


Ultimate analysis - Precise determination, by chemical means, of the elements and compounds in an ore..

Undercut - To cut below or undermine the  face by chipping away the ore by pick or mining machine. In some localities the terms "undermine" or "underhole" are used. ucuta.jpg (6077 bytes)
Underground mine – Also known as a "deep" mine. Usually located several hundred feet below the earth's surface, an underground mine's coal is removed mechanically and transferred by shuttle car or conveyor to the surface.

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Underground station - An enlargement of an entry, drift, or level at a shaft at which cages stop to receive and discharge cars, personnel, and material. An underground station is any location where stationary electrical equipment is installed. This includes pump rooms, compressor rooms, hoist rooms, battery-charging rooms, etc. pic6.gif (57291 bytes)
Unit train – A long train of between 60 and 150 or more hopper cars, carrying only coal between a single mine and destination.


Universal coal cutter - A type of coal cutting machine which is designed to make horizontal cuts in a coal face at any point between the bottom and top or to make shearing cuts at any point between the two ribs of the place. The cutter bar can be twisted to make cuts at any angle to the horizontal or vertical.

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Upcast shaft - A shaft through which air leaves the mine.

Stockton Borehole Colliery, upcast shaft

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