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[Issue #1]

Interviews with Morbid Atrophy, BesiegeD, Cradle Of Filth and Blood Duster
Concert Reviews of Monster Voodoo Machine and Pro-Pain/Voivod/Crisis
Album Reviews, News and More!

[Issue #2]

Interviews with Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation
Concert Review of Cannibal Corpse
Demo Reviews of Beheaded, D.C.S.S. and Spiral Architect
Album Reviews, News and More!

[Issue #3]

Interviews with Monstrosity, Vader, Beheaded, Maniax and Neuraxis
Demo Reviews of Anomaly, BesiegeD, Gomorra, Maniax, Neuraxis, Nile
Album Reviews, News, Sound Clips (!!!), and Much, Much More!

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