Chris Barnes - Vocals (1988-1995)

Rob Barrett - Guitar (1994-1997)

George 'Corpse Grinder' Fisher - Vocals (1996-present)

Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums (1988-present)

Jack Owen - Guitar (1988-present)

Bob Rusay - Guitar (1988-1993)

Alex Webster - Bass (1988-present)

Bleed Line-UpVile Line-Up


The band was formed in 1988 in Buffalo, NY. The band is best known for their violently disturbing lyrics, Chris Barnes dog-like growls, blazing solos, rapid drumming and heavy bass. The titles of their songs are self-explanitory (ie. Hammer Smashed Face, Necropedophile), the content of these songs is extremely aggressive and violent. Their violent music was good enough to get quite a following, including Glen Benton (of DEICIDE) and Francis H. Howard (of INCUBUS) who sang (barked?) back-up vocals on two songs from the 'Eaten back To Life' album; 'Mangled' and 'Skull Full Of Maggots'.

The band's following continued to grow after each album was released. In 1993 the band gained nationwide publicity for appearing as the band in the club in Jim Carrey's 'Big Break' movie; Ace Ventura Pet Detective. The band got many new fans from their appearance in the film, so the band decided to release a Hammer Smashed Face single, since they had already laid down a track for an upcoming Black Sabbath tribute album, 'Eternal Masters', they decided to turn the single into an EP with 'Zero The Hero' (Zero The Hero was written by Black Sabbath for their 'BORN AGAIN' (1983) album) and a few other songs added to make it worthwhile. Around the same time,1994, they decided to replace long time guitarist Bob Rusay with former Malevolent Creation guitarist Rob Barrett to create the album The Bleeding (NOTE: Barrett joined the band before the Ace Ventura movie).

Their lyrics aren't very imaginative, the subject of all of the songs is death and all of the most horrifying and disgusting ways to die, be it dying in a horrible car wreck or being decapitated by an axe. Although it may seem as though they are just rambling about mindless violence with no real point, you should really take a look at the lyrics. Sure most may be gory and disgusting with subject matter which is unsuitable for.... anybody, hidden deep within the gore of some songs, Chris Barnes' actually tries to describe the psychological aspect of murder which isn't really heard about when people talk about the band. You will notice within almost every song, Barnes talking about the psychological side of death and murder, he really gets within the head of the character, telling a story about how the person feels as it performs or thinks about such acts of horror. Each song is a gore story, not unlike what you'd see in a gore flick or in comic books (well, except Tomb Of The Mutilated kinda stuff) only most people try to stay away from such subject matter (or at least not describe the gory details). They have been blasted by politicians for their explicit lyrics and their 'immoral suggestions' (some politicians think they want people to go out and do the things they sing about. Only in America.....). This extra publicity added with their appearance in Ace Ventura has only helped strengthen the band's popularity among their fans

Their latest line-up change (and most controversial) is the departure of Chris Barnes who joined Six Feet Under (he left due to 'musical differences') so to replace the king of grunts, they brought in former Monstrosity frontman George 'Corpse Grinder' Fisher. This move doesn't seem to have hampered their success in any way, 'Vile' is the first Death Metal album in the history of soundscan to debut on The Billboard Top 200, coming in at #151 the first week of it's release.

I just bought 'Vile', and I must say it is an excellent album! I was somewhat disappointed by the sound of a few tracks, but overall I feel they've improved a lot musically over previous efforts. If any band can revive Death Metal, this is the band to do it, hopefully they'll be recording many more albums (and turning stomachs) for many years to come.

  • All of their albums have been recorded at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida and have been produced and engineered by Scott Burns.

  • The art on their album covers (except the Hammer Smashed Face EP) have been done by Vincent Locke.

  • 'Unheard Of', a band comprising of Corpse guitarist Jack Owen, Six Feet Under's Allen West and Aeon Spoke's Shaun Malone recorded a song entitled 'Explosion' for Metal Blade Records' 'Guitars That Rule The World 2' which will be released October 22nd.

  • The original title for 'Vile' was 'Created To Kill'.

  • There is a twelfth track on the European and Japanese versions of Vile entitled 'The Undead Will Feast'.

  • The band had to change their logo after Chris Barnes was out of the band due to the fact that Barnes owned the old logo.

  • The band formed late in 1988 from the remains of three Buffalo bands: Beyond Death, Leviathan (and a third band). Alex Webster came from Beyond Death.

  • Their first show was played in April '89 and they were at the bottom of the bill with two other Buffalo bands, Baphomet and Attakk. The lead act was Dark Angel.

  • An outtake from Ace Ventura shows Ace revisting the club they played in and doing vocals in a effort to escape two thugs.

  • They have one non-album track that was never recorded: Enter at Your Own Risk. They played it live a couple of times but dropped it in favor of the heavier stuff.

  • Vile is the fifth album of a nine album contract with Metal Blade Records

  • Mitch: What were the circumstances of the dismissing of Chris Barnes?
    Alex: I'll keep it short, basically the same reasons we got rid of Bob, you know. I mean we definitely had a lot more personal problems with Chris. He just wasn't working out, we needed someone that could do what we wanted to do.

  • Mitch: What were the circumstances for Bob Russay leaving the band?
    Alex: Oh, wow... just really we weren't happy with his guitar playing and it got to the point to where we didn't think he was really going to be able to do what we needed him to do for the band. We didn't want to keep talking to him every time we had to record something. So we were like 'man its gotta end'. You know, unfortunately if the guy cant do the job, he cant do the job. It definitely had nothing to do with his personality or anything. He was a good guy, definitely into death metal. I guess his style of playing and hands were not compatible with what me and Jack were writing.


    Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel), Howard Davis (Genitorturers), Tracy Beam


    Rob Barrett (Cannibal Corpse), Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Kyle Symons (Sickness) and Tim Scott (Revenant)


    Jack Owen (Cannibal Corpse), Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse), Allen West (Six Feet Under/Obituary), Ralph Santolla (ex-Death/Eyewitness) and Shaun Malone (ex-Cynic)

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